Supervisors and employers always seem so absorbed by the business that they don’t take care of their most valuable resource “The Staff” As a past boss I have been guilty of this but as I realized I had some work related mental health issues.

I found by chance that sitting and having a coffee break with my staff and talking openly about some of my problems helped me. The staff also gained a better understanding of my mood changes and ups and downs and they also started to share some of their feelings and problems with the group.

I made the informal coffee catch ups an impromptu thing by telling the staff I was going to make a special cake for morning smoko or grab some donuts and that coffee would be on before we opened the next day.
It wasn’t long before others started making something special and we all talked about various things including the stress of the job and how we were feeling.

We were equal and non-judgmental around the table

We supported each other and everyone knew they could go to a colleague or come to me for a chat if they had work or personal problems and we would help each other by taking things through and making plans that best suited them including assistance with finding professional help.

I found that we became a team that supported each other in the tuff times, talked things through as we work together and everyone felt comfortable sharing their story. Stress Levels Dropped, Friendships Were Formed & Staff Retention and Productivity Grew. Everything that was causing my stress levels to be high became easier because of what was nick named “the coffee club”.

I urge people in the work place to take time to talk to each other.

I have personally experienced the difference it can make