Signature Series

One day I was feeling pretty useless and lonely. I had to go and do some banking and pick up some stock. 

Showered and threw on some shorts and thongs and a shirt that I was given on a Variety Club Bush Bash some years ago.  It was Bright Yellow with crazy patterns and splashes of color all over it. I didn’t care, it was clean and in my black mood I wasn’t into matching up clothes and trying to look professional. 

I entered the bank and went to the teller and she greeted me with “great shirt” Lover the colors you must be on holidays. I painfully smiled and went about the business.

Shortly after I arrived to pick up the food stock and went to the office to pay for my purchase and again the lady working there said you must be in a happy mood today. I said why?? She responded with the shirt just makes me smile and feel happy so you must be happy wearing it.

This was the inspiration for the Pressure Cooked Signature Series. A Range Clothes that make a statement with the Pressure Cooked Logo on them. People take notice of them and it inspires light hearted conversation that can brighten our day and lead to awareness and open discussion about the social and mental health issues in the hospitality industry.