Pressure Cooked sells quality hospitality apparel to bring light to the stress, social difficulties and mental health issues that face hospitality workers every day

I realized just how much pressure the lifestyle of hospitality workers can have on their relationships and health. And that we don’t talk about it enough. So, Pressure Cooked was born.

100% of net Profits are donated to Mental Health Charities including Beyond Blue, Black Dog, Life Line and others that offer help to Hospitality Workers when they are in need

It can be difficult to talk to friends or family, because most of the time we work beside them in hospitality and admitting that the pressure of the industry is affecting your daily life and health can be tough.

“Talk About It!”

Table Talk

Supervisors and employers always seem so absorbed by the business that they don’t take care of their most valuable resource “The Staff” As a past boss I have been guilty of this but as I realized I had some work related mental health issues. I found by chance that...

Talk About it

Beginning the conversation doesn’t mean you have to dive straight into talking about mental health struggles or have an intense heart to heart. Consider instead meeting your friend where they are or extending an invitation to hang out. You can even talk about...

Wear Your Pressure Cooked Logo With Pride

It will let others know they are not alone and it can create many opportunities to “Talk About It” No matter the path this conversation takes, be prepared to walk it with whomever you’re reaching out to. We want everyone to feel confident to begin a conversation about...